Nepal March 8 – 23, 2014

This is one trip that my teaching partner, Rev Simon Nagarajan, always looks forward to. We transited at Kuala Lumpur in the morning of March 8, a few hours after MH 370 (the plane that eventually went missing) took off. We took the same airline, same type of plane and from the same airport. Obviously God had spared us because we have unfinished work to do. We made up for that at Kathmandu airport. It took us four grueling hours to clear custom.

Sixty-five church leaders came for the Asia Seminary for Ministry 5-day training at Godavary Asyram, near Kathmandu. As the participants handed in their last year assignments on the “Dynamics of Personal Follow-up,” I read them and was pleasantly surprised to know how great an impact it had on the leaders. The lessons in chart form provided an overview of the content, and can be copied easily without any cost. It is highly transferable. They not only used it but also trained others to use it too. Some took it to train other pastors and cell group leaders. This book is still the best book in the market on Follow-up, though it was written about 40 years ago.

This year I taught the class how to determine the main theme of Biblical narratives. This compliments my Big Picture Method, which I taught the earlier batch of leaders. One pastor who shared how both the approaches have helped and changed his sermon preparation. This is affirmation for me; my decision to dedicate all my time to training church leaders is worth it. They were taught how to transpose the narrative into ideas, and then to determine the two dominant ideas, joining them to form the main theme. On the first day, some were lost, but they got it when we review the lesson on the second day. Rev Simon taught them Church History, and highlighted to them that their names and ministries will become part of Nepal Church History in 50 years time. Christianity in Nepal is on the threshold of phenomenal growth. It is a privilege to be involved in Nepal Missions. At the end of the 5 days session, many shared their heartfelt gratitude for the training ASM had provided for free.

On the second week we brought 6 young adults to Pokhara to evangelize the teenagers who come regularly to Young Life Center, This ministry was started when Pas Hom Tamang invited Young Life USA to Pokhara. These 6 young adults heard about our ministry in Nepal, and decided to come along to share the Gospel with the teenagers. They bonded well with the teenagers and visited a school and shared with the teachers some effective teaching methods. They gave a used computer and a printer to the school. 5 more used computers were given to Young Life Center, so that they could communicate with the teens after they go back to Singapore. At Kathmandu they paid a visit to the Prayer Tower, which was built by pastor Narayan for the handicaps. It is a wonderful ministry sustained by faith in God. They heard how this multi storey Prayer Tower started off with US$1000, and developed into a haven of rest and a garden of joy for the handicap and their family members. Here they sat and heard the testimony of Narayan, a man of faith and prayer. In the Prayer Tower, the residents took turns to pray 24 hours throughout the week. The 6 found good opportunity to connect with the teens and experienced spiritual renewal. I am glad that these 6 zealous young adults who are committed to discipleship training planned to go again next year.

May God keep this door open, and open more doors of opportunity for us to serve Him in Nepal.

Yap Beng Shin


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