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Medan, Indonesia February 19 – 22 2014

There were about 40 participants who came for the two and a half days module on the book of Revelation. About three-quarters of the students are pursuing their Bachelor of Theology, and the rest, the Master of Ministry. A number of them are sons and daughters of former students of Faith At Work Fellowship, an affiliate which was then running programs for Asia Seminary for Ministry. It was indeed a joy to teach the church leaders and their sons and daughters.

This is my third visit and they were eager to have photographs taken with me.

I learn that most of this cohort of Christian leaders find it hard to trust the main line denominations in their country because of their liberal theology. It took them a while to realize that all our lecturers in ASM are born-again bible-believing Christians. Now that the trust and bond has been established with us, they are eager to learn from us.

Dr. Haposan, the local coordinator, informed us that the leaders there are now learning to become more Biblical. They are also using what they have learnt in their ministries and are enjoying favorable feedback. I encouraged them to use the skills learnt from ASM to teach others. It was a great joy to hear two of the sisters shared their teaching experience. One of them did her assignment on the book of Ruth. She shared how the book was so relevant to the group of young mothers in her Bible Study group.

Group photo Feb 2014.

The class was disrupted a few times because of power failures. One generator in Medan city was damaged. It was difficult to conduct the class without power as all my teaching materials were prepared in PowerPoint. In spite of that, I thank God that there were time (and power) for me to complete the entire module on the book of Revelation.

As the participants get to know me better, they began to ask more questions and started to share about their ministries. I am pleased that ASM has the opportunity to impact these leaders and move them in the direction to be leaders who are more biblical in their doctrine. They enjoy learning effective and practical skills that will equip them for the ministry the Lord laid on them. They are eager to have us back and we are most glad to be their partners in their ministries.

Report by Yap Beng Shin

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